I’m still buzzing after our second live show last night.  Our resident 4Music DJ, Shortee Blitz, smashed another set out of the park crunching together some bad ass tunes whilst whipping up a social media storm that, at one point, had us trending #1 worldwide on twitter.

The idea started as just trying to inject some pace on our channels and mix together some of our playlist videos, when Shortee sent us a mix that he’d done using the new Video DJ software from Serato.  I loved it, the thought that we could have someone with Shortee’s skills live mixing videos like that was awesome.  Naturally we thought… ‘well let’s do it live live then!’  We only finished building our studio less than six months ago and had never really conceived of it with the idea of doing live TV broadcasts from the office, but with a little bit of head scratching and arm twisting we worked out that it was possible and wasn’t going to cost the earth.  

I honestly believe that no-one has EVER done music TV like this – it’s so fresh and raw with so much energy. Shortee is amazing, the way he mixes, scratches and beat juggles his way thorough the videos is spellbinding.  The response we’ve had back via social media has been unreal – last night we did nearly 6k tweets with just an amazing feeling of positivity and love from everyone getting involved (including a lot of well deserved love for Shortee).

Where do we go from here?  We have another couple of shows this year (Friday’s at 8:30 on 4Music) and are defenitely keen on bringing it back next year.    There maybe some tweaks to the format and we’d love to get a few more DJs involved.  We’re also thinking about getting a few exclusive performances recorded that Shortee can mix into the set, but I’d love to get a live audience involved too – i know my team won’t thank me for trying to do live TV in a club but it seems like a natural evolution from where i’m sat.

So do tune in and see what it’s all about.  We love making the show and the energy really blasts out the other side of the screen.

Just a final big shout out to Shortee and all of my team who have worked like mad to get the thing on-air.