Teletubbies Let’s Go!

WildBrain Spark has announced a digital-first, CG-animated spinoff of classic preschool series Teletubbies, featuring new tech, fresh characters and a weekly drop schedule to engage its YouTube audience.

Teletubbies Lets Go! (52 x five minutes) features Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, along with supporting characters Tiddlytubbies, Noo Noo and Tiddly Noo. It’s separate and designed to stand alone from WildBrain’s new Teletubbies reboot, which will drop all 26 of its episodes on Netflix in mid-November. Conversely, Lets Go! will roll out weekly on YouTube for a year, starting in October.

The stories told in Let’s Go! are brand-new, and the series will introduce a group of “sun babies” that have been created specifically to better reflect the diversity of the Teletubbies audience. Narrators with American and British accents will freshen up the audio framework, along with new original songs produced by Daniel Dobbs (producer and one of several songwriters on Teletubbies album Ready, Steady, Go!). Nico Lockhart is on board as executive producer and Melissa Czaja will be the showrunner, with Matilda Tristram tapped as creative producer and Chris Parker penning scripts as lead writer.