Digital disruptors: the latest developments in digital media with Osborne Clark

The Box is the largest music television network in the UK, primarily targeting the 16-24 age range. Matt described how television viewing numbers had been in decline due to the changing ways that media can be consumed. In response to this, The Box has been transitioning from a traditional broadcaster to a digital business in a variety of ways.

Matt explained that the business first changed its name to ‘The Box Plus Network’ to demonstrate the shift to being a “platform agnostic content network” and to encourage the culture of the business to think beyond television. Secondly, and most importantly, the business needed content and created a production business.

“For a content business, [The Box] actually didn’t own any content. And when you’re staring at a digital future…that can be scary.” 

Alongside shooting shows for its channels, the business has focused on increasing the number of musical performances produced (from 50 to over 500 per year in the past three years) in order to own more intellectual property and so, hopefully, create value in the long term. Despite this increase in content, the business has also reduced its production costs by 40% in the past three years, by having an in-house studio and production team embrace new digital production methods- which also creates content that audiences identify and engage better with. This is essential because: