Becoming The Box Plus Network

So today is the day. We’ve been planning this for quite a while, in fact it’s probably just about a year ago that we first mentioned the idea to rebrand the business, and now we’re here. The business has been known as Box Television for the last sixteen years, previous incarnations having been Video Jukebox Network Int’l and Video Dukebox Network Int’l (I do wonder whether this was in fact a typo, it was changed 20 days later!).

Why have we changed? Well, the ‘TV’ tag in the company name was starting to feel a little restrictive. We do so much more these days; a third of our team is dedicated to production and everyone knows that as a youth focused business our audience are consuming media in lot’s of different ways – in response we’re naturally distributing our content across all of these new digital (non-TV) channels. The one other thing our old name struggled to get across was the fact that we’re more than just The Box, we’re a network of 7 of the best music TV channels in the UK.

Will much change? Possibly not. We’re already operating in this way, it’s not a statement of intent, it’s more a reflection of what’s already happening. Our TV channels will still lead with the incredibly strong brands that we (mainly) license from our shareholders – there’s actually very little that the consumers will get to see. But quietly behind the scenes, Box Plus becomes the glue between those brands, emanating through the quality and creativity of each and every Box Plus channel. Digital may be a little different, The Box+ App is already the network home of our channels and is the web home of the network. Our digital strategy is starting to kick into gear and over time, the ambition we have for these digital products will definitely impact on a very significant consumer audience.

And though consumers may not feel much change, it’s a big day for us so allow us a moment to enjoy it. But not for long, we’ve got to get back to doing one of the best jobs in the world…